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Hire Dedicated Web and Mobile App Development Team

Are you a startup? Looking for Web and Mobile app developers? When your business needs additional resources to bolster its technology operations, simultaneously recruiting, hiring, building, and managing an in-house team is quite a difficult task, taking advantage of IT staff augmentation services can be a viable option. We have the highly trained, certified, and expert personnel your business requires to help you meet your operational goals. Whether you need instructional designers, eLearning developers, training coordinators, or change management leads, we serve as a source for you the experienced and vetted resources needed to augment your own teams. We always work on a unique project idea with a perfect balance between cost, time & quality. We help you set up and manage remote dedicated development teams for you.

Relieve Your Pain Points By Our On-Demand It Staff Augmentation Services

Product Scaling

Do you have an existing product or MVP? Upgrade your product to a SaaS-enabled/cloud-hosted version coupled with a rich user experience. Leverage our technical expertise and a huge pool of developers to extend your custom software product development team.

Website Development

We are creating mobile-compatible websites and refer to them as responsive web development. Our experienced developers are well versed in advanced technology CSS3 HTML5, Python, Rust, Shopify, NodeJS, React, Angular, VueJS, PHP (Laravel), and develop attractive, consumer-centric, and visually realistic web apps that are suitable for mobile devices. Just list all of the criteria at the start of the project so that our developers will work accordingly.

Mobile Application

Odan develops excellent mobile applications that are feature-rich and user-friendly to the core. With the help of our effective mobile strategy, we develop mobile apps for multiple -platforms like Android, iOS, and cross-platform solutions in Xamarin, PhoneGap, etc. from idea to launch.


We design components such that your users follow the function of every part on the screen. Once we have the information we need, we push over designing your bespoke website which is going to boost brand engagement, drive traffic, generate leads, and provide your business with higher conversions.


We create an intuitive and fresh product that engages your users and keep them coming back for more. We combine the power of design and technology for web app, mobile app, website design and software product design to create customer loyalty with every interaction.                                

Maintenance & Improvements

Have an existing app or need to support post development? Our mobile app maintenance services support model enables better and faster software maintenance, increases app productivity, and results in higher app ROI.

What Do We Provide? Our Hiring Models

We use a unique and best-in-class recruiting strategy supported by a dedicated client-centric development team to bridge the gap between demand and supply for professional development teams.

Why Hire Dedicated Developers From Odan Infotech?

Skilled Dedicated Team

Our highly-skilled team know-how will help reduce risks along the way and will remain intact over the life cycle of Odan's services. you’ll reduce the amount of time needed for staff administration. This ensures no expenditure on internal training and skill development at the client's end.

Workforce Transparency

Effective communication and project management tools that mostly maintain expectations. Our developers easily adapt to the operations of your existing teams, interact directly with the management and actively communicate in regular meetings and progress updates.

Maintain Annual IT Budget

We help you to manage your IT budget from spiraling out of control. We've gained comprehensive visibility into IT expenditure so you can see how each IT dollar helps you save money overall. We'll also look for methods to optimize your IT expenditures so you may save costs while maintaining, if not better, productivity and time-to-market.


There are companies that provide you with employees that are busy with some other work. When a remote employee is already working on another project and works in yours too. All confidential and sensitive information is protected. We sign an NDA and establish the necessary procedures and mechanisms for ensuring complete IP rights & data protection.

A Cross-functional Strategy

Our Staff augmentation Service is being used increasingly across industry borders increasingly for roles ranging from R&D to Operations, HR, Finance, and more. A higher level of productivity is guaranteed since the third-party vendor does all the admirative hassles, so you don’t have to work on anything else.

Technical Support

We have a technical support team for continuous collaboration for garnering requirements and delivering flaw-free technical solutions backed up with 24/7 technical support and crafting the best possible solution to render a delightful experience.

Ready To Embark On Your Product Idea?

Let's build something innovative together. we stay on top of our industry by being experts in yours.

What our clientele has to say about us inspires us.

We worked on several projects with Odan Infotech and we are fully satisfied with this partnership. Odan Infotech offer a high-performance team capable of awesome design and complex web applications in record time!

Somitra Tyagi

Somitra Tyagi

The team is very professional and responsive. In particular, they follow good project management practices.

Matthew Arcidy

Odan Infotech Team is a quick learner and was able to move with development at high speed. Definitely Recommended. Great job, thanks Odan Infotech for the great work!

Markus Glodek

The development team is very responsive and makes their best effort to understand the project and complete it. Also, their support is very professional, fast, efficient and very understanding.

Thomas Maher

Joint chief executive officer at Deafactive

I will definitely work with Odan Infotech again. The work was done on time, accurately and according to spec. I also appreciated the additional suggestions and insights from this company.

Torsten Stauch

Director at AppShed.